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I began writing while working as an acupuncturist in an effort to present people with more tools for maintaining their own health. I soon realized our modern disconnect from nature was at the root of many of our individual health challenges as well as our society's unhealthy and unsustainable practices which are damaging our environment. Healing this rift was the catalyst for writing Tao of Sustainability. In the process of writing the book, I quickly discovered I had a love for storytelling and when the book was published, I thirsted for more. I have since turned to fiction, recently finishing my debut novel, Voice of the Elders (Calumet Editions, 2018) a novel with strong environmental themes that isn't easily categorized. Is it a Daoist sci-fi novel, an urban fantasy, or a metaphysical spy thriller? You'll have to be the judge of that. 

I live in Minnesota with my wife, daughters, and two huskies. Before devoting my time to writing I worked as as acupuncturist in Minnesota, an organic farmer in New Mexico, and a barista in Tennessee, among many other things. I spent many years studying with Buddhist and Daoist teachers and am initiated in the Quanzhen Longmen lineage of Daoism.


All these components of story telling come together in a crisp, tight tale that would no doubt make a great movie. Greg Ripley is a gifted writer who has put together a very thoughtful, timely, and, hopefully, very successful novel. I look forward to more great books from him. If you like thoughtful stories with strong female leads, you will want to buy Voice of the Elders by Greg Ripley. 

-- Ray Simmons, Readers’ Favorite


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